Dark copper color. How to dye hair copper brown

  1. Features copper shade
  2. To whom go red curls
  3. Hair coloring
  4. Makeup for redheads
  5. Who is copper hair color?
  6. Beautiful copper hair color
  7. This hair color is suitable
  8. Copper brown blond
  9. Features paint selection
  10. Care of the strands after the procedure
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Why women are addicted to copper shades of hair is not clear. After all, men said unequivocally: "Gentlemen prefer blondes." Maybe because before the red-haired girls attributed magical abilities, because of what they burned at the stake. And maybe from the fact that by nature redhead girls delight the strong half of humanity.

Maybe women know that gentlemen’s men do not meet so often, so at least once in life they dye their hair red, not wondering if it is going or not.

Features copper shade

Natural copper hair color - bright and shiny - is rarely seen. Nature has endowed them with only 4% of the world's population.

It is believed that redheads are endowed with special talents, and they have a pronounced temperament. Women are distinguished by some capriciousness, men - ambition.

Shades of red hair can be very different: from golden brown to dark chestnut.

But all owners of copper-brown hair color - artificial origin of color or natural - must understand: the shade will be bright, if the curls properly care:

  • Strands need to be hidden from bright ultraviolet light - they quickly fade and dry out;
  • After shampooing hair, you need to apply special products: balms or sprays with UV protection;
  • Balsams, conditioners, nourishing masks. Without them, red hair will quickly fade;
  • The procedure of dyeing in a copper-red color, it is desirable to supplement the lamination of the hair. The film deposited on them, preserves the structure.

Especially carefully you should treat your hair with natural red-haired beauties. Their hair is most sensitive to external factors.

To whom go red curls

Shades of the solar palette should be considered separately, since each of them has its own characteristics.

According to the rules of "hairdressing science", the shade of hair is selected, matching it with the eye color:

  • Shades of golden-copper more close to the blond. They look soft, gentle, shade advantageously light skin. They are suitable for shy women who want to stand out from the crowd, but are ashamed of undue attention. This color fits blue-eyed and light-skinned. Close to this color are: ginger tones, peach, melted amber;
  • Who is bright copper hair color? First you need to determine what is invested in this color designation: carrot, orange, just red? Desired shades It is better to choose by experience. Blue-eyed girls - if the red hair color did not give them the nature - it is better to choose other colors, but brown-eyed or green-eyed, they come to the person. It is worth thinking about the hot black-eyed beauties or mysterious “mermaids” with walnut-colored hairs of this color;
  • Chestnut color can be shaded cherry, red, "Burgundy." Dark copper color also applies to this color scheme. In such tones it is better to dye the hair of a dark-haired woman by nature. Light-haired - with white dark or wine tint will add age.

Light-haired - with white dark or wine tint will add age

When coloring a head of hair in a red color, it is worth remembering: the lack of brightness is that if the color does not fit, all the weak points of the exterior will be immediately underlined. Yes, and gradual staining in this case is not an option.

Copper-light hair color - slightly gilded light brown strands - can favorably emphasize the advantages of its owner. But it is worth adding a little bit of brightness, adding more orange, and the skin will visually become paler, the pigment spots on the face are brighter.

There are no people who categorically would not go red, but with shades need to be very careful.

Hair coloring

The number of dyes, the palette of which is represented by the red color of various shades, is enormous. Options are selected from their own addiction.

The advertisements are constantly offered dyes "without ammonia" or "harmful brightener that reacts with the structure of the hair." Advertisers cunning - without chemical fixers on the hair, the paint will stick “until the first rain”. In addition, dark or dark blond curls to get a golden-copper hair color, you must first lighten.

The only way to avoid chemical punch on your hair is to dye your hair with henna. Modern henna is available different colors , depending on the time during which it is on the head, shades change.

The minimum of stay is 10 minutes, golden sparks will sparkle under the lighting on the strands. In 30-40 minutes after applying henna, you can get a dark copper hair color, if your own strands are brown and dark chestnut, if you are a dark brown-haired woman.

Henna is also available in a color version - it is applied for a few minutes. The advantage of natural paint - it not only changes color, but also strengthens hair. Persistence of henna - from 2 weeks to a month, it all depends on the frequency of washing the head.

Makeup for redheads

If a woman repaints her hair in red, then she wants to add brightness to life. You should think about choosing the right makeup.

Gray eyes are recommended to shade with matte olive or green shades, silver with mother of pearl. For blue eyes, the shadow options — with red hair — are a little gray and shades of blue. Green-eyed and brown-eyed suit all shades of green and brown - from sand to khaki, deep blue with sparkles, emerald green on a black base.

Tone cream is selected depending on your own skin color or a lighter tone. Smooth powder with nacre particles will help to level the surface of the skin.

The tone of the rouge is exactly the tone, not the color, as the bright blush on red-haired women is visually similar to the spots on the cheekbones.

You can shade the cheekbones colors:

  • peach;
  • clay sand;
  • apricot;
  • bronze.

Pink tones will create a clear sense of consumptive blush! And lipstick - with this cosmetic accessory should be especially careful. But since you can always experiment with lipstick, there are no clear rules on the selection of colors.

Proper selection of hair color to the color of the skin and eyes, and further selection of makeup, will make any woman irresistible.

Red-haired beauties at all times attracted great attention from others. They were celebrated as a standard of beauty, called witches. And yet many girls would like to get a similar shade of hair. But who is copper hair color?

Who is copper hair color?

What does copper hair look like? It is saturated, brilliant, reddish Brown color . A girl with hair of a similar shade always stands out from the crowd, in her hairstyle it seems as if the sunbeams are playing even on the gloomiest and most overcast day. There are many shades of copper, from dark red, almost brown, to light and playful red.

Who is copper-blond hair color? First of all, those girls who have shades similar in tone to their appearance are beauties with golden or olive skin, green, brown, blue or rich gray eyes. Also such hair color will decorate girls who have by nature very light, marble skin, but bright, expressive eyes. The shades of copper-colored hair will not work for girls with a winter type of appearance - fair skin , hair and eyes, as well as bright southern beauty - olive skin and black hair.

Beautiful copper hair color

The easiest and most natural way to get a red shade is to paint the hair with henna in a copper color. Usually dyes are made on the basis of a mixture of henna and basma, and then supplemented with ingredients that give a more active color: coffee - for colors close to dark chestnut, cocoa - for chocolate color , and for reddish highlights - some red wine. Natural dyes do not spoil the hair, but on the contrary, have a healing effect. Their only drawback is that such paints are rather unstable. Therefore, frequent color refresh sessions will be required.

Another way to get luxurious copper hair is to use tinted shampoos . They also will not give long-term results, but they will allow you to try on the appearance of a fiery-haired girl, and if this color does not suit you, this shampoo will wash off soon. And finally, the most durable and saturated color can be obtained by resistant paints , both professional and for home use.

Copper-brown hair color attracts the attention of all, without leaving aside a single passer-by. Natural brown tint diluted with a bold copper tone, it turns out very boldly, brightly and beautifully. Such curls are characteristic of women who are capable of extraordinary and even rebellious acts, with an unstoppable, quick-tempered, passionate character.

Copper-brown hair color looks extraordinary and mysterious. The color of copper in combination with the brown tone is presented in numerous shades, which advantageously emphasize the dignity of the face. Who does this hair color suit? On the nuances of copper-brown hair will describe below.

This hair color is suitable

Red tint

Copper brown blond

This shade is suitable for ladies with light or slightly tanned skin . In this case, the shade of the eyes can be absolutely anything.

Features paint selection

Few ladies can boast of natural copper-brown hair. But you can solve this problem with. To achieve a quality shade at home is not easy, especially if the hair was previously painted. Choosing a dye, focus on proven brands:

  • Matrix;
  • Wella;
  • L'oreal;
  • Estel.

Each of the cosmetic brands has a unique palette in which every girl will find their own color. So, dyes from Schwarzkopf are considered to be very resistant, they paint over gray hair well and are famous for their rich copper shades.

So, dyes from Schwarzkopf are considered to be very resistant, they paint over gray hair well and are famous for their rich copper shades

Palette paint from Schwarzkopf

  1. Before dyeing, do not put masks on your hair for several days, as they cover the hair with a special composition, which may affect the degree of penetration of the dye.
  2. Immediately before the procedure, you should not wash your hair: the fat accumulated on the strands will save the scalp from the influence of an oxidizer.
  3. Before applying the paint, the hair must be dry, otherwise the paint will be thinned and the tone will not reach the required intensity.
  4. Before the procedure of staining on the scalp along the hairline, apply a greasy cream, which after the procedure can be removed with a cotton swab.
  5. If you have a gray hair, then pre-rinse the hair with a balm, dry it and only then apply the paint.
  6. To distribute the hair dye easier, divide the hair into strands, and then apply the composition.
  7. After applying the coloring composition, comb the hair with a comb with fine teeth.
  8. When dyeing regrown roots, apply the paint first on the roots and only 20 minutes later - on the hair along the entire length.
  9. When performing the staining procedure, wear protective gloves on your hands.
  10. When washing off the paint, moisten the hair gradually, churning out the remaining paint, then washing it off. Next, thoroughly wash your hair with shampoo and apply a balm.

The classic version of copper-brown hair can be obtained even with a simple tint. But only in brown-haired women, but blond-haired blondes will have to undergo the procedure of resistant coloring.

Care of the strands after the procedure

It is considered one of the most fastidious. Care for him should be daily, because this tone is very vulnerable to external influences. It easily burns out in the sun, and under the influence of chemical procedures it can fade, it easily loses shine. The owners of copper-brown hair is recommended to use cosmetics for colored hair. They prevent leaching of the pigment and at the same time take care of the strands.

They prevent leaching of the pigment and at the same time take care of the strands

Means for colored hair

In the summer, copper shades of hair need additional care in the form of products with UV filters. They are applied to clean hair and do not wash off. A good addition to this will be the procedures for lamination or keratin care.


A good example of dyeing hair in a copper-brown color, see the video


In conclusion, I would like to note that copper overflow in hair can be called the main trend of this season. Brown hair color with copper shade looks very stylish and harmonious. The creation of any hairstyle with tones of tones in this tone gives many pleasant possibilities, one of which is the uniqueness of the image.

First you need to determine what is invested in this color designation: carrot, orange, just red?
But who is copper hair color?
Who is copper hair color?
What does copper hair look like?
Who is copper-blond hair color?
Who does this hair color suit?