Drawing with gel pens on paper is light. What to draw a pen?

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What to draw a pen?

What to draw a pen

Ordinary drawing can diversify and try to draw not quite familiar materials, such as a ballpoint pen. What to draw a pen? Actually, anything, everything that caught your attention.

However, one should not forget that, unlike a pencil, it is most likely that it will not be possible to erase an unsuccessful line (unless, of course, you have special ink). It will also not be possible to shade, as in a pencil sketch. But when drawing with a pen there are some advantages. Drawing turns out fast, easy and live.

So, you need a pen - it can be ballpoint, gel; You can draw with a liner, rapidograph or ink. Paper, in principle, can be any. It will be interesting to look drawing on colored paper. Since it turns out a lot of not very good images, it is better that it was not a single sheet, but a notebook. Kraft paper or cardboard will look good. The choice of material depends on your preferences.

What can be drawn with a pen:

  • interior
  • household items (such as dishes)
  • view from the window
  • still life
  • of animals
  • cartoon heroes

To make the drawing successful, you can first outline the main points when building it, and then connect them with thin lines. And then go to the detail of what you depict. If necessary, carefully shade that part of the picture that you want.

Draw on yourself

If you have no paper or cardboard, you can draw it directly on yourself. You can simulate a tattoo on your arm, for example, in the form of a flag of some country or small flowers, butterflies, a dragon, etc.

Gel pens

If the ballpoint pens you do not really like, you can try to draw gel. If the ballpoint pens you do not really like, you can try to draw gel What can you draw gel pens ? Here the choice of the theme is even richer, since the gel pens are multi-colored, and they can draw any plot. To make the lines different, you can draw by holding the handle at an angle or straight. You can also use the texture of the paper: on smooth paper, the lines are clear, and on rough paper - intermittent. The theme of your drawing can be interior, household items, mythical creatures, scenes from life or a movie, for example, you can depict a couple dancing flamenco. A bouquet of flowers will look very impressive. However, it is necessary to take into account that the drawing with a gel pen dries for a long time, and therefore you may inadvertently smudge the lines - be careful!

You can learn all about drawing in the section.

What to draw a pen?